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Frequently Asked Questions

The TE MOANA DIVING PASS is the best offer to discover the beauty of diving in Polynesia for certified divers (minimum 1* or Open Water Diver certified).
Minimum 10 dives in any of the affiliated dive centers.
Te Moana diving pass has the largest network of affiliated dive centers in the South Pacific.

The Te Moana Diving Pass is valid for a period of 12 months from purchase date.

The Te Moana Diving Pass can be shared by 2 divers (minimum 1* or Open Water Diver certified). It is the best solution for couples or dive buddies visiting Polynesia.

We have independent affiliate Dive Centers in : Bora Bora, Fakarava, Huahine, Moorea, Raiatea & Taha’a , Rangiroa, Tahiti , Tikehau, Tubuai.

You may purchase the pass in any one of our independent affiliate dive centers.

When you purchase your Te Moana Diving Pass there will be minimum 10 individual coupons for use at your selected dive centers.
Please DO NOT cut out these coupons.
Only the Dive Centers have the authorisation to cut out the coupons.
Any coupons that are cut out or removed will not be accepted.

Once you have reached your 10th Dive, the Dive Center who receives your last coupon will recuperate the remaining part of the pass. This is for administrative purposes and is obligatory.

You must reserve your dives in advance with the dive center of your choice. Please inform the center you will using the Te Moana Diving Pass as payment.

Te Moana Diving Pass does not guarantee the availability of any dives. This availably will be at the discretion of the Independent dive centers. Please make sure to make contact with your chosen dive center well in advance of your arrival in order to best accommodate your preferred dive times and sites.